Haven Point

Welcome to Haven Point! Haven Point is a series of books that explores healing in its various forms – healing hearts, healing bodies, healing families and healing a town.Haven Point, Idaho, is a small town of roughly four thousand people on the shores of Lake Haven. The area was revered by the early Native American tribes who traveled through the area, mostly Bannock, Shoshone and Paiute. They would bring their injured and sickly to the lake and the nearby town of Shelter Springs that feed into the Hell’s Fury River. They believed the area to possess mystical healing properties, similar to places like Taos, New Mexico or Sedona, Arizona. Over the years, that healing power has been lost and it’s up to the good people of Haven Point to find it again.

Haven Point’s main industry used to be boat building. Since the boat factory closed, the town has struggled to find its way again.

Across the lake from Haven Point is the magnificent Redemption Mountains Range, rising up majestically from deep, stunning blue waters.

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