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A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise
Hardened rancher Ridge Bowman has long told himself he has no need for love—just work and his little girl are enough to get him through. But when his “cleaning lady,” Sarah Whitmore, gets injured on his staircase, well, of course he has to invite her to spend the holidays with him. It’s only the responsible thing to do.

Only, Sarah isn’t really there to work on his house. She came bearing precious artwork belonging to Ridge’s late mother, and possibly a secret that could devastate them both. But as Christmas draws closer, so does Ridge—and Sarah convinces herself that she will tell him what she knows as soon as the holiday is over. She might be the key to his past—if only he could be a part of her future….
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A Cold Creek Reunion
Caidy Bowman had been the apple of her family’s eye – until a devastating tragedy forced her to hide from the world. She was used to devoting her time to the animals on her family’s ranch. Then widower Ben Caldwell and his two adorable children arrived in Pine Gulch, and suddenly, Caidy wanted more than a life in the shadows …

As the town’s new vet, Ben needed a place to stay for the holidays – and for his family to heal from their own loss. He absolutely wasn’t looking for love again! But Caidy Bowman’s sparkling green eyes and sweet smile touched Ben’s broken heart, giving him hope for a new future. Their future – if he could convince the beautiful cowgirl that Christmas was a time for new beginnings …


April 2012, Special Edition

A Cold Creek Reunion
“He was the one you called when you needed rescuing … But who was Taft Bowman going to call when he needed help? Because ten years ago Laura Pendleton, the love of his life, had left town without a word, then or since. Now she was back, with a new last name–and two adorable, high-needs little ones in tow. Well, Taft had been stupid enough to let her go once before…he wasn’t about to make the same mistake again. He’d never stopped loving her–and one look at those adorable little faces and he knew that he was meant to be with Laura and her kids forever. All he had to do was convince her that this time he was a man she could count on!”


November 2011, Special Edition

Police chief Trace Bowman blames himself for his parents’ murders and has lived with the guilt and pain for a decade. If he hadn’t gotten involved with the wrong woman, they would still be alive. He has tried to atone in the years since by serving the people of Pine Gulch and Cold Creek Canyon to the best of his ability but still feels like it’s not enough.

Christmas in Cold Creek

The last person he would be interested in is someone like Rebecca Parsons, the new waitress at The Gulch. She doesn’t belong here. She’s too sleek, too polished … and too clumsy to even handle a service tray. Not to mention those secrets in her big green eyes. What’s a big-city lawyer doing waiting tables at a little café in Idaho anyway?

Becca would love to know the answer to that herself. She had her life so carefully arranged, until scandal forced her from her comfortable life. Out of money and just barely wriggling out of being charged with crimes she didn’t commit in Phoenix, she had few options left to her but to move to the little house in Pine Gulch her absentee father willed to her. She’s adjusting and even coming to enjoy her new life … if only she didn’t have to deal with a sexy, suspicious lawman along the way.


December 2010

Winner, Best SSE, 2010 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award

Elise Clifton is back in Thunder Canyon for a family reunion — with her newly discovered parents. Now rumors are flying about the woman behind the town’s hottest story and Matt Cates – the tall, dark, gorgeous cowboy who’s making Elise long to turn the past into a future … with him.

Ever since he came home to Montana, Matt’s been trying to live down his wild playboy reputation. And the moment he sees the petite blonde again, he doesn’t have eyes for anyone else. Will Matt’s love for Elise become the town’s next big headline? Can Thunder Canyon’s most honorable cowboy persuade Elise to tie the knot with him and turn this Christmas into a true season for giving?

“Good storytelling and genuine characters make this story an engaging one.”
– Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars, Top Pick


October 2010, SSE

Nominee, best SSE of 2010, Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award

Easton Springhill has loved Cisco Del Norte since the day he showed up at Winder Ranch, a scared, lonely twelve-year-old tangled up in the foster care system. For years, she has kept her love tucked away inside her heart, certain the hard, dangerous wanderer that frightened boy has become won’t welcome it.

But when Cisco returns to Cold Creek, injured and in trouble, he knows Easton is the only one he can turn to for help. She can’t refuse him … but how can she hope to hold him for good this time?

“A solid plot, realistic, compelling characters and strong tension make this story hard to put down.”
– Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars