Woodrose Mountain

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Six months ago Evie Blanchard left her hectic life in Los Angeles for the peace of a small town. She loved her job as a pediatric physical therapist there when her adopted special-needs child passed away from complications of her condition, Evie was thrown into an emotional tailspin.
Woodrose Mountain

Walking away from the medical field and moving to Hope’s Crossing has helped Evie find the calm and serenity lacking in her life. While some part of her misses helping children gain or regain the skills they need for daily life, she loves her friendships with the clients at Claire’s bead store where she now works, as well as the creative challenge of designing custom jewelry on the side. She has even started a popular occupational therapy beading program for senior citizens to help arthritic hands maintain flexibility and strength.

Evie loves her life here. But her new-found peace is threatened when widower Brodie Thorne bursts into her life, along with his injured daughter, Taryn, seriously wounded in the crash in BLACKBERRY SUMMER and facing extensive rehabilitation.

Evie doesn’t want to become involved with Brodie or Taryn. It’s one thing to help senior citizens open jar lids. It’s something else entirely when the person in need is a girl who is now in a wheelchair and may never walk again or even be able to hold a pencil.  Evie knows she must steel her emotions against giving everything inside her to another child. But she is no match for Brodie, 38, who will do anything for his daughter, even humble himself by asking Evie to help him care for Taryn. Brodie brings the same intensity to giving his daughter a new chance at life that he does to all his vast business and real-estate endeavors around Hope’s Crossing.

Despite Evie’s best efforts to keep a safe emotional distance, she finds herself inexorably tugged into the lives of Brodie and Taryn. The girl becomes a symbol to everyone in Hope’s Crossing of healing and recovery, of second chances, and the entire town becomes invested in helping her. Evie is heartened by the changes in the town she has come to love and she begins to realize she must confront the shadows of her past so that she and Brodie can work together to build a future for his daughter … and for themselves.

“WOODROSE MOUNTAIN is a book full of dreams—some shattered then rebuilt, layered sadness sprinkled with hope, all surrounded by love and friendship to aid a town toward healing. I don’t think anyone can read this book without imagining actually living within this small town. I can’t wait to find out what happens next for those who live and love in Hope’s Crossing.”
– Dorine Linnen, Romance Junkies