Willowleaf Lane

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Willowleaf Lane
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Charlotte Caine has completely reinvented herself over the course of the last year. Despite owning the Hope’s Crossing gourmet candy shop, Sugar Rush, Charlotte has worked hard to lose eighty pounds and has physically become the woman she has always felt inside. Next step, moving beyond her natural shyness to reach out to others besides her small circle of friends from the bead shop. She’s doing her best and is even dating for the first time … but when retired pro athlete and former town hero Spence Gregory returns to Hope’s Crossing to run the new recreation center, many of Charlotte’s insecurities bubble to the surface.

She nursed a hopeless crush on Spence all through adolescence but he had been too busy raising hell to ever notice her as anything other than a chubby, gawky girl who had become an unlikely friend while he worked at her family’s diner. He probably has no idea how much a moment’s thoughtless cruelty from him had devastated her teenage years. Now he’s back and Charlotte is determined to stay out of his way – until Spence moves into her street, along with his troubled teenage daughter Peyton, and Charlotte finds herself sucked into his world against her will.

After coming to know Spence and his daughter, she begins to reconsider her carefully fueled hatred, especially when he comes up with a stunning plan to bring the community together and open the recreation center to injured veterans and their families from outside Hope’s Crossing. In the process, Spence lends a much-needed helping hand to her brother, an injured war veteran who was on his way to self-destruction.

Spence can’t believe the changes in Charlotte. She’s become a beautiful, vibrant woman and he’s fiercely drawn to her – but after a miserable marriage, he’s not ready to let any woman back into his mess of a life, especially one as sweet and vulnerable as Charlotte.

Can they find their way past their differences and their past in order to create a healing future together?