Christmas in Snowflake Canyon

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“A sometimes heartbreaking tale of love and relationships. Poignant and sweet.” Publishers Weekly

“Beautiful storytelling, down-to-earth characters and a hero and heroine you want to root for fill the pages of this story that pulls at the heartstrings.” Romantic Times Book Reviews

Genevieve Beaumont has hit rock bottom since the very public humiliation of her broken engagement more than a year ago – when she learned her fiancé had impregnated a 19-year-old girl. After she went on one too many wild spending sprees, her father has cut off her allowance and ordered her home from Denver for one last chance at redemption. Gen knows she needs to settle down and find purpose to her life. She doesn’t like the hard, brittle person she’s become but she doesn’t know any other way to avoid becoming the object of pity and scorn.

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Her first night back in Hope’s Crossing she has one drink too many at the local bar and is arrested for disorderly conduct. As a result of a hasty plea agreement brokered by her father, Gen ends up serving community service at the new recreation center ­– along with Dylan Caine, the most unlikely of companions.

Dylan feels scarred and worthless after losing a hand and an eye while serving as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan. He has little but contempt for a prissy little society belle like Gen Beaumont who is only there because she’s forced to be – but as he watches her serve her sentence, he’s impressed despite himself. She is patient and kind with the disabled veterans who have begun to come to the recreation center. She encourages them, she challenges them, she even flirts just the right amount. Maybe there’s more to her than he has always thought.

Even so, why would someone as perfectly beautiful as Gen ever be interested in a man like him, who will never be what he once was?

As for Gen, for the first time in her life, she begins to see beyond the surface and learns how to recognize and admire courage and grace. To her shock, she also discovers she possesses some of those same qualities.

She once had planned the wedding of the year to a man from a powerful family with political aspirations beyond Colorado. But in one magical Christmas season, Gen realizes how very much she belongs in Hope’s Crossing – and in the arms of a battered warrior who needs her laughter as much as she needs his quiet strength.